Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revolt at Chamber of Commerce Over Proposed Endorsement of Das

Nick Welsh in the Independent reports that the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce was all set to endorse Das Williams for First District County Supervisor, but pulled back the endorsement when a large number of outraged Chamber members protested. Why would the Chamber endorse Williams over Jennifer Christensen, when Williams has been long perceived as being unfriendly to small business? As reported by Welsh:

Some chamber members argued because Williams enjoys an overwhelming advantage over Christensen in name recognition, political experience, political donations, and get-out-the-vote know-how in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, his election was all but preordained. Why spit in the wind, they questioned, and back a candidate with little chance of winning . . .?

Why spit in the wind they asked? How about bucking up and showing that you stand for something? That you have core values that you believe in and will adhere to? That you are not just another group that jumps on every bandwagon you see driving down State Street?

As most of you probably already know, I'm endorsing Jennifer Christensen in this race.