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As It Happens Live Blogging From Friday Night Candidates Forum

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  • - Another Snapshot of the Mayoral Candidates
  • I will not be thanking Fess Parker's Doubletree. I had to pay $11 to get WiFi access.
  • The forum has just ended!
  • Falcone, The limit on the number of units is 40,005. We're at 37,000 units.
  • Francisco, the limiting factor is water.
  • Question, "Is there an ideal size for the city and if so, how do we get there?"
  • Falcone, "Generally, no." Cushman, no. Garrett, "not on city time using city resources."
  • Franscisco gets applause for his bottom line of "no."
  • Schneider, "I think making a statement on some other issues is appropriate."
  • Question, should city officials use time and resources to discuss issues over which the city has no jurisdiction?
  • Garrett's answer got a smattering of applause from the audience.
  • Garrett, "I would craft an ordinance similar to the drug law that confiscates property, to do the same thing for these "gang bangers."
  • Francisco, the most cost-effective thing to do is make sure that young kids have after school activities so that gang life doesn't appeal.
  • Schneider, on a solution, "We go kid, by kid, by kid and give them what they need."
    Faclone, Cushman and Garrett all agree we have a gang problem.
  • Question, "Does Santa Barbara have a gang problem?" Schneider, "We think we do." Francisco, we have a serious gang problem.
  • Schneider, "Environmental strength and fiscal strength are not mutually exclusive."
  • Garrett, I would clean up the gang activity as that has a negative impact on the environment.
  • Schneider, not taking a public position on Measure B.
  • Question, will you be voting for or against Measure B? Garrett, against. Cushman, against. Falcone, opposed to it. Francisco, yes.
  • Question, do you support the renewal of Measure E. All candidates answer yes.
  • Francisco, "If they can convince me that this is something they can build now, I would go along with it."
  • Schneider, "The reality is if the permits go away, we're looking at a decade of the status quo of what is down there now."
  • Cushman, "If they could show me the money, I'd give them the permit."
  • Question, should La Entrada building projects be extended? Falcone, "I told them to show me the money. I don't believe they can build it."
  • Schneider, "We need to get people who are living in their vehicles out of them and into housing."
  • Question, should vehicle campers be permitted to stay overnight on city streets? Francisco, no. Falcone, no. Cushman, no. Garrett, no.
  • Falcone, "No, not for them." Cushman, wants to find a grant to remove the ones we put in. Garrett, "Absolutely no." about
  • Question, are you in favor of bulb outs? Schneider, yes. Francisco, no. Says they don't make sense in SB. Gets applause for his answer.
  • Should outside contractors pay a living wage? Garrett says yes. Cushman says no.
  • Francisco, "The City of SB cannot create a living wage for people. What we can create is a nightmare."
  • Garrett, "anyone who works should make a living wage."
  • Is living wage a good idea? Scheider, yes. Francisco, "terrible idea." Falcone, good idea. Cushman, "no problem with it for government."
  • Schneider, I would not privatize public safety or water quality.
  • No, it wasn't John Thyne.
  • Damn! Some guy in the front row is drinking a glass of wine.
  • Falcone, privatizing should be a "case-by-case decision."
  • Cushman would privatize the parking division of the city.
  • Garrett gets laughter and applause when he says he would throw out all of the rascals in Sacramento.
  • Cushman, would change the majority needed to pass a budget to 50% + 1 and get rid of the 2/3 requirement.
  • Falcone, get rid of the split property tax roll.
  • Schneider, change the 2/3 requirement for a budget. Francisco, get rid of budget mandates.
  • Question, if you could go to Sacramento and fix one state thing in the budget that would help SB what would it be?
  • Cushman says employees are 80% of your expenses so you should look to privatization.
  • Falcone, our bed tax and sales tax revenue are down significantly. Agrees with Francisco that the general plan is too expensive.
  • Francisco, we have transportation projects that are unnecessary that people don't want.
  • Schneider, says, "we have to be a smaller city except for police officers."
  • Francisco, says it's both. Schneider says we have a spending problem.
  • Does city have a spending problem or revenue problem? Garrett, spending. Cushman, spending. Falcone, "it depends."
  • Right now, it's revenue.
  • Francisco is asked what we should cut. He says we're spending too much effort and money on general plan update.
  • Cushman says we restore reserves by making cuts.
  • Cushman is being asked how we might restore operating reserves.
  • Francisco, budget (cites lack of policy leadership of council), dealing with gang problem and general environment of city including homeless
  • Garrett, campaign finance reform, clean and safe environment, rethinking our priorities and using our resources wisely. about
  • Schneider, budget, economic recovery and youth violence prevention issue.
    Iya, public safety, infrastructure, and make SB a place where the world wants to come play, shop and stay.
  • Cushman, restore operating reserves, revitalize local economy, address gang problem.
  • Candidates are being asked their top 3 priorities if elected.
  • - The mayoral candidates
  • - City Council Candidates Go First

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